1 noun (C)
1 IN CLOTHES a small bag sewn onto or into a coat, trousers etc so that you can put things such as money or keys into it: Joseph always stands with his hands in his pockets. | coat/trouser/jacket etc pocket: The keys are in my coat pocket. | turn out your pockets (=empty your pockets)
2 MONEY the amount of money available for you to spend: When will the new taxes start hitting people's pockets?. | suit every pocket: We offer a range of repayment plans to suit every pocket. | from/out of your own pocket (=using your own money instead of money from your company, the government etc): The prince offered to pay for the restoration out of his own pocket. | have deep pockets (=have a lot of money)
3 IN A BAG/DOOR ETC a small bag or piece of material fastened to an object so that you can put small things into it: All passengers should read the air safety card in the pocket of the seat in front.
a) a small area where the situation is very different from the area surrounding it: Apart from a few pockets of resistance, the new government is firmly established. | a poor country dotted with pockets of wealth
b) a small amount of something that is different from what surrounds it: The mine has a few remaining pockets of iron ore.
5 be/live in each other's pockets informal, especially BrE if two people are in each other's pockets, they are together too much
6 have sb/sth in your pocket
a) to be able to control someone such as a police officer or politician, by threatening them, paying them money etc: a powerful organization with many local politicians in its pockets
b) to be very sure that you are going to win something such as a competition or election: It looks like the Democrats have this election in their pockets already.
7 be out of pocket BrE informal to have less money than you should have, after some form of exchange or business deal: Unless you handle the deal carefully, you could be badly out of pocket. | -10/-50 etc out of pocket: Selling the car so cheaply left her -100 out of pocket.
8 pick sb's pocket to steal from someone by taking money from their pocket without them realizing
9 put your hand in your pocket to give money to someone who needs it or in order to help someone: I hope everyone will put their hands in their pockets and give generously to the fund.
10 FOR BALLS a small net bag fastened to a billiard or snooker table which you have to hit the ball into
—see also: airpocket, line your own pockets line 2 (4) 2 verb (T)
1 to put something into your pocket: Roy pocketed his wallet and car keys and left the house.
a) to steal money, especially money that you are responsible for: The society's treasurer was accused of pocketing some of the profits.
b) to get money in a slightly dishonest way: It's simple - we buy them for $5, sell them for $8, and pocket the difference.
3 to hit a ball into a pocket in games such as billiards
3 adjective (only before noun) small enough to be carried in your pocket: a pocket dictionary

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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